Zombie Age 3: Shooting Walking Zombie: Dead City

Zombie Age 3 MOD
Developer: DIVMOB Android Version:4.0.3 and up The Size:46M Current Version:1.3.8
Date:September 20, 2019


Zombie Age 3 MOD Unlimited Money/Ammo – This is a version of Zombie Age made just for Christmas zombie killing. The only way you can tell it is a Christmas version is the snow.

The game is minimalistic is some respects. There is not a great amount of detail in the character drawing or the scenery. The whole idea is to fight and kill zombies. The game makes the killing easy. The techno music adds to the feeling of the game. The design makes it really easy to see who is playing with you. You get a big display that shows you your weapons, score, and kills. The game has real high definition graphics.

  • Game provides cooperative game play.
  • Pick from 30 weapons and 20 characters with special powers.
  • Boss battles are provided.

It is a top zombie killing game just in time for the boring parts of Christmas.

Zombie Age 3 MOD
Download v1.3.8