Wonka’s World of Candy – Match 3

Wonka's World of Candy Match 3 MOD
Developer: Zynga Android Version:5.0 and up The Size:103M Current Version:1.27.1945
Date:December 9, 2019


By playing Wonka’s World of Candy – Match 3, you now have an access to a great chocolate factory. In the game you will need to complete several puzzles in the factory under the guidance of Mr. Willy Wonka. Your first major objective will be to customize the chocolate factory for re-opening. You will only need to keep swapping the puzzle until you match at least three of them to move further.

The more you beat the puzzles, the more you will see power-ups. The puzzles get more difficult as you advance. The game is very easy to understand but you can never master it. It also offers an immersive and a highly engaging gameplay. The game has a lot of thrills and fun.

Some important features of the game

  • Beat puzzles to unlock and customize chocolate factory and several hidden rooms
  • You get to enjoy great music as you play
  • For several game-changing power-ups, collect sugar bags
  • The game is completely free

You will also get to meet timeless characters in the game

Wonka's World of Candy Match 3 MOD
Download v1.27.1945