Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis

Wartide Heroes of Atlantis MOD
Developer: Outact Inc Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:Varies with device Current Version:1.13.2
Date:November 27, 2019


The ancient kingdom of Atlantis have for long been lost, it is your duty in this new game; Wartide: Heroes of Atlantis to take it back. To support you in your quest you can summon legendary warriors and mystical sorcerers. You must put together an army and do battle against the opposition. The protection of your citadel is your responsibility. Players can do battle with leaders from different parts of the world online or work together to forge alliances to defeat a common enemy.

This is a unique and strategic battle game, designed and developed by Kongregate. The more you do battle with players from other countries the more you can build your reputation. The game comes with certain pre-installed features;

-Players can form alliances with other players online

-Players can harness the powers of heroes and sorcery to defeat enemies

-Players can build armies

This is your chance to enter a whole new Atlantis. The more battles you win, the better you can promote your heroes and unlock new abilities.

Wartide Heroes of Atlantis MOD
Download v1.13.2