The School – White Day

The School White Day MOD
Developer: SONNORI Android Version:4.0.3 and up The Size:60M Current Version:21.1.48
Date:March 27, 2019


It is basically a remake, but it does feature the old store of the vetted The School game. It does a very good job at bringing in front a really scary story. The idea is that kids are trapped after hours.

What they encounter there is the entire academy is full of horrors and they have to do all in their power in order to eliminate all problems that appear. Running for your life is indeed one of the options here, and that’s what makes this game so much fun here.

Of course, the game does come with its own set of challenges and it’s incredibly interesting for people that enjoy this type of game. If you love adventure games and some horror, you will be right at home here. While the game can be too scary at times, it’s also insanely fun and well worth your time!

The School White Day MOD
Download v21.1.48