Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game

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Developer: Genera Games Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:95M Current Version:2.0.5
Date:July 22, 2019


Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues MOD Free Purchases – This is a very realistic soccer game. The idea of the game is to take the player through all of the ins and outs of becoming an international soccer star. The game does an exceptionally realistic job of this. The developers do not claim any specific pro had input but it is likely.

Some of the graphics in this game are not great. The view of the crowd is just a blur. Playing action is like watching from the long camera on television. These problems are more than compensated for in the authenticity of the world’s major player’s faces. The bonus is your face shows up on your player’s head. The game shows you how to negotiate a contract so that you get the best deal. The money in the game is made by doing the real world things that players do to make more money than their salary pays.

  • Play in any club and any league in the world.
  • Game is based on the 2017 – 2108 FIFA Championship schedule.
  • Simple one finger play.

Many people agree that this game is much more than a simple soccer game. It shows you how to master all the other games that make soccer what it is.

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Download v2.0.5