Smashy Duo

Smashy Duo MOD
Developer: Big Frost Games Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:55M Current Version:3.10.1
Date:September 22, 2019


Smashy Duo MOD Unlimited Money – Some things in life are just amusing and fun. This is one of the arcade games that you do not have to put worlds of thought into to have a world of fun with. All you need is two thumbs. There is a worldwide competition for being the best so that says something about how competitive the game is.

The idea is simple from the start. One thumb controls each of two characters. The characters and the enemies are separated by a barrier that also tells you how many of the enemy you have killed. A new ripple for the new version is that the balls that the enemy throws can curve. You can move your two people out of the way. The idea is to kill off more enemy people than hit your people. Your players are bound to be killed off eventually but they get replaced. The power the replacements have depends on how well the old players did.

  • Game has more than 100 players with individualized moves and music.
  • Fast games.

It is the game you can take a quick break with and then come back to for more fun. Highly addictive.

Smashy Duo MOD
Download v3.10.1