OK Golf

Developer: Playdigious Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:63M Current Version:2.3.1
Date:August 13, 2019


OK Golf MOD Unlimited Stars/Unlocked – This not real golfgame but it is alright because it offers as much fun as playing real. The game is very easy to play but it is also very addictive and immersive. So, once you start playing it, it is hard to put it down. The major difference between this game and real is that you don’t need any golf stick to play it.

You just need to aim, drag, and release the ball to shoot it. You can visit courses and secret areas. Besides, there are several game modes in which you can challenge yourself.

Some cool features of the game

  • It is highly immersive and addictive play as many times as possible. As you advance, you will unlock new
  • It does not require any stick
  • There numerous hidden courses that will be unlocked as you advance
  • It offers great graphics

Unlike other games, this game is not free to download. You will have to once and get all the subsequent updates free.

Download v2.3.1