Gem Puzzle Fighter

Gem Puzzle Fighter MOD
Developer: Michael Chu Android Version:2.1 and up The Size:4.4M Current Version:1.1
Date:August 12, 2011


Puzzle Fighter is a great new game from Capcom which is very interesting, fun and full of excitement. Not only that, but it also features a variety of strategic approaches and ideas. The game is all about bringing in front all your prowess in order to win fast and easy.

You can win and level up your fighters, you can also customize the fighters with colors and a variety of other cool stuff. And if you want more, you can also collect ranking points, explore new possibilities and just play the way you want without any restrictions. It’s interesting, fun and cool as a whole.

The fact that you can collect ranking points or just play casually is also very nice. The game is a very interesting arcade game where puzzles are very important and they can make the battles fun or very demanding! But overall, it is a cool, nice game with a tremendous set of game ideas!

Gem Puzzle Fighter MOD
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