Food Street – Restaurant Management & Food Game

Food Street Restaurant Management & Food Game MOD
Developer: Supersolid Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:45M Current Version:0.44.5
Date:October 31, 2019


Food Street is a time management, strategy and cooking game. It’s an interesting mix where you have to create your own restaurant, design it and also cook the food for it. The nice thing here is that the game world is full of nice people and ideas you can explore. The ideas you can find here are impressive and the game world on its own is unique and fun, it’s definitely worth a shot because of that.

Plus, the fact that you can farm your own ingredients in your own garden is really nice too. It adds a human touch to the restaurant and just makes it a lot more fun because of it. You can cook amazing food, you can experiment with recipes and you also get to manage your restaurant.

These are all things that you will enjoy and some of these things are very intense. That alone shows the true character and experience you can get from this.

Food Street Restaurant Management & Food Game MOD
Download v0.44.5