FIE Swordplay

FIE Swordplay MOD
Developer: FIE Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:64M Current Version:2.53.5944
Date:September 9, 2019


FIE Swordplay MOD Unlimited Money/XP – Before now, people have always engaged in the practice or noble art of fighting with slender swords in combat. But today, it’s become a highly competitive sport.

When it comes to fencing with sabers, swords, and foils, you will want to ensure that all the rules are strictly adhered to. This game is proud to be the first mobile game with authentic real athletic rules of play. Aside from the use of swords to face opponents, there is more to experience in this noble game.

  • Enjoy simple and easy user interface
  • Hone your fencing skills mastering every type of weapons
  • Duel your friends on social media in the Asynchronous PvP mode
  • Become the world’s famous Olympic champion in a compelling PvE campaign

Whether you are looking to become a skillful gladiator or you’re just doing it for the fun, you are bound to always experience and enjoy a spectacular fencing with swords.

FIE Swordplay MOD
Download v2.53.5944