Extreme Landings Pro

Extreme Landings Pro MOD
Developer: RORTOS Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:37M Current Version:3.6.4
Date:August 27, 2019


Extreme Landings Pro MOD Full Unlocked – What does it take to fly a plane? It allows you to see that, but it also challenges you to land a plane. And with around 216 challenges to pass and a lot of realism involved here, it’s safe to say that this game is not for everyone. But it is a really good game for plane enthusiasts that want to have a real, unique simulator for them to explore.

There are fast landing modes, you can get some assists or you can obtain some fully manual stuff. That’s really nice, and it goes to show how distinct and interesting the game really is. The game does a very good job at offering that unique sense of realism and it really shines because of that reason alone.

If you love airplanes, this game is certainly the mobile game you want. Playing it on a tablet seems the best way to enjoy a fun experience here though!

Extreme Landings Pro MOD
Download v3.6.4