Elvenar MOD
Developer: InnoGames GmbH Android Version:4.4 and up The Size:107M Current Version:1.93.5
Date:December 2, 2019


Elvenar MOD Unlimited Money – It is an app version of the builder game created by InnoGames. The graphics are stunning. The characters move really well in the scenes. The long views and the up close views are realistic enough to keep your attention on the game.

You have to decide if you are an elf or a human when you begin Elvenar. There is a world of difference in how your city will look. There is also a difference in what you character will look like and how they dress. The most important difference is how you expand your territory. Elves do it by collecting magic artifacts. Humans do it through warlike behaviors. There are other creatures in the game like dwarves, fairies and dragons. The idea is to trade with other races for what you need to build a city where you and other races can all live. One of the cool things is that when you acquire a new building it just erupts out of the earth fully made. Elves are more into doing the magic thing while humans are looking to build fortresses.

  • The game has two years of play in it at present.
  • Map expands as wealth grows.
  • Quests produce the most revenue.

We can say that it brings the realism and beauty of the PC game to any screen. The game is involving and intriguing.

Elvenar MOD
Download v1.93.5