Almost a Hero – Idle RPG Clicker

Almost a Hero Idle RPG Clicker MOD
Developer: Bee Square Games Android Version:4.1 and up The Size:70M Current Version:3.4.3
Date:September 19, 2019


Almost a Hero MOD Free Shopping Guaranteed  – This game is one of the latest clicker games that you will like quite a lot. Not only does that help you generate a lot of exposure online, but the best part is that you will have a lot of attention to detail with something like this. It does really work to your own advantage and yes, the outcome can be very distinct.

And the nicest part about this game is that you always have upgrades. So, you don’t play in vain, there’s always a new reason to enjoy the experience and just have fun with it. There are lots of heroes and quests to uncover too.

The title does have a very distinct RPG allure, and at the same time it’s also rather unique too. That definitely works to your own advantage if you are a fan of clicker and RPG titles!

Almost a Hero Idle RPG Clicker MOD
Download v3.4.3