Afterpulse – Elite Army

Afterpulse Elite Army MOD
Developer: DIGITAL LEGENDS ENTERTAINMENT SL Android Version:6.0 and up The Size:11M Current Version:2.6.7
Date:October 15, 2019


Right now the balance of power is no longer stable and a war is already brewing. World leaders are joining the war. You have the option of either to restore peace or fan the embers of the world largest conflict. Where do you belong? There is unlimited fun awaiting you on each side of the divide. The Afterpulse – Elite Army game is as interesting as it sounds.

The game offers hyper-realistic graphics and it is very immersive and engaging. The storyline is also unique and interesting. Whether you plan to restore peace or to add to the war, you need to be alive and the only way to survive is to slay as many soldiers of the enemy as possible. Don’t even hesitate because they won’t hesitate if they get you first.

Some great features of the game

  • There are unending battles for you to fight
  • Like a real war scenario, you have many weapons for your army
  • The game offers stunning graphics
  • It is free to download

It is not just about shooting. Rather, it is about shooting wisely.

Afterpulse Elite Army MOD
Download v2.6.7